A Business Simulation Toolbox

The EDUardo platform offers a vast sandbox of real-world scenarios that test a candidate’s ability to solve comprehensive problems within the scope. Supervisors gain a unique and enhanced perspective of the candidates’ abilities.


University Training Programs

EDUardo offers a flexible platform that seamlessly integrates into existing or new curriculums. Students can enhance their understanding of the subject through interactions with the simulation. The simulation also offers a unique perspective for evaluation.

Corporate Training Programs

The EDUardo platform enhances daily workflow through its simulations. The platform can fit any learning programme and support facilitated and non-facilitated learning events. Its seamless compatibility allows users to participate from anywhere.

Skill Assessment

The EDUardo platform offers a vast sandbox of real-world scenarios that test a candidate's ability to solve comprehensive problems within the scope. Supervisors gain a unique and enhanced perspective of the candidates' abilities.

Knowledge Base

The EDUardo platform contains a built-in knowledge base of videos, articles and quizzes. Users will be able to utilize a more traditional form of knowledge transfer that blends with the simulations to offer learners a deeper understanding of the content.


Start-up essentials

The Entrepreneurship learning package enables you to comprehend the lifecycle of a newly established enterprise. Gain insight into sales strategy, product pricing, market segmentation, human resource management and business planning.

Module examples: Basic Business Skills, Business Planning, Financial & Production Skills, Leadership Skills

Business Simulations with Human Resources Focus

The People Management learning package equips you with the ability to comprehend the challenges associated with forming and managing a project team. Additionally, you can gain experience in leading a group of employees in an office setting. You will learn how to efficiently manage your virtual office to achieve sales targets, maximize customer satisfaction, and foster a motivated team of employees.

Module examples: Office management - Banking, Leadership Skills, H.art Leadership - Managing people on projects

Business Simulations with Finance Focus

The Financial Management learning package equips you with the ability to comprehend the components of financial reports and enables you to act upon the financial indicators. Gain insight into financing alternatives, grasp the importance of liquidity planning.

Module examples: Financial & Production Skills, Crisis and Change Management, Value-Based Management, Accounting For Managers

Business Simulations with Sustainability Focus

EDUardo’s Eco module demonstrates the importance of sustainability. Face the challenges of a green transformation while managing a manufacturing company.

Smart Soft Skills Training with AI Integration

Discover the next level of soft skills training through intelligent AI integration. Dive into immersive 'Day-in-the-Office' simulations that offer a dynamic showcase of the power of conversation-focused smart courses.

Explore key topics such as emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict resolution.

Assessments via Business Simulation

Observers can see the participants’ real-life behaviour as they have a flow experience during the simulation. The simulation is extended with built-in tasks and questionnaires. In-tray exercises are included.

Communication Style

Measure how convincing, logical, and precise the observers are in additional presentations and other communication tasks.

Strategic Thinking

Participants manage a business for one business year. Observe their strategic decisions and thinking!

Adaptive & Learning Skills

The trainer can monitor how quickly the candidates understand the rules, and how they react to changing circumstances in the simulation.

Working Style

Their natural working behavior can be observed as the participants experience a flow state during the simulation.


Corporate success highly depends on this skill of our employees, and it can be observed with the help of additional in-tray exercises.

Change & Stress Management

Users need to revise their strategy according to internal and external influences that affect the simulation.

Core Module examples

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Basic Business Skills

Maintain and grow a tech company while learning the fundamentals of management and business strategy through practical application.

Business Planning

Manage a tech company through its scale-up stage and learn the fundamentals of business and financial planning, and sales management.

Financial & Production Skills

Learn the basics of financial and production management while also building up the various operations within the departments.

Crisis and Change Management

Maintain your company through its difficult liquidity situation while also gaining insight into cash flow management. Use our business simulation tool!

Leadership Skills

Learn the fundamentals of leadership and project management while also forming a competent team that can fulfil the necessary projects.

Value-Based Management

Understand the challenges of multiple currencies and value-based management while maintaining a large production company.

Office management - Banking*

Manage your bank branch. Balance sales targets, client satisfaction and employee motivation.

*Available in selected geo-locations.​


This is a special application of the manufacturing framework designed to address the challenges of a green transformation.

Accounting For Managers

Lead your food industry enterprise to success while learning about the toolkit of management accounting!

Digital marketing

Explore health-tech entrepreneurship by delving into digital marketing. Take control of social media channels, develop a strategic pricing approach, and master market segmentation.

Digital marketing strategy

Become an expert in digital marketing strategy! Evaluate your skills with the guidance of an AI tutor.

Make It Your Own

The EDUardo platform allows for customizability. Modules can be tailor-made to your specifications. We also offer compatibility and integration with learning management systems.

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Catalogue Licence

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University Licence

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Custom Licence

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