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During the simulation participants can learn how to analyze the basic elements of business operation by managing their own virtual company in a round-based environment.
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Eduardo is perfect as a stand-alone training. Case studies are available in several areas, including strategic management, entrepreneurship and business acumen.

Why choose Us?

Flexibility and support

Apart from our ready-to-use simulations, we provide tailor-made simulation solutions for your unique needs.

Why choose Us?

Lifelike scenarios

Our showcase scenario includes an exciting journey of starting your own business in the online app industry. We continuously work on additional new scenarios.

Play and gain business skills

Eduardo offers a great number of possible focus topics. If you don’t find the skill or focus topic you are looking for, contact us to discuss your tailor-made solution!


Participants take risks, think ahead and adapt to the current situations and opportunities.

Business development

Users make sales and development efforts in order to reach a higher company value at the end of the simulation.

Communication skills

Participants can present their achievements to their peers and trainers to test their communication skills.

Strategic thinking

Users need to see the complexity of the corporate world, and make strategic decisions in each simulation round.

Adaptation skills

Sometimes actions don't end up in the expected results, can they adapt to new situations?

Change management

Users need to revise their strategy according to inside and outside events that affect the simulation.


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People who tried Eduardo

Finally an answer to HR's question: how to implement digitalization and gamification into HR? Like this.

Gabor Fuzer Assessment Systems Hungary

It's important to use modern tools in HR, I can imagine Eduardo during trainings, ACs, DCs or even interviews.

Gabor Fuzer Assessment Systems Hungary

This business simulation guarantees the flow experience, that is crucial in the selection process for observing the most realistic behaviours.

Gabor Fuzer Assessment Systems Hungary

The simulation teaches actual topics, and transmits useful information in a playful way. I can even imagine implementing it into higher education.

Richard Gurzo COVA

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If you still have questions or you haven’t found the skill or focus topic you are looking for, contact us!

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