Enhance curriculums using EDUardo

EDUardo offers students the opportunity to practice in an interactive business simulation..

Elevate training programs using EDUardo

EDUardo offers an interactive business simulation to fit any of your corporate training needs.

Expand evaluation capabilities using EDUardo

EDUardo’s tools can be used to highlight candidate’s capabilities.

About EDUardo

Simulation participants can learn how to analyze the basic elements of business operation by managing their own virtual company in a risk-free environment.

Multi-Purpose Platform

EDUardo is ideal for stand-alone training that incorporates blended & e-learning solutions. Topics include, but are not limited to management, entrepreneurship and business acumen.

Flexibility and Support

Apart from our ready-to-use simulations, we provide tailor-made simulation solutions for your unique needs.

Lifelike Scenarios

Our showcase scenarios include the online app industry, the manufacturing industry, project management with HR focus, banking and many more.

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Play & Gain Business Skills

EDUardo offers a large number of possible focus topics.
Don’t see the skill or focus topic you're looking for? Contact us to discuss your tailor-made solution!

Entrepreneurship Skills

Participants take risks, think ahead and adapt to situations and opportunities.

Business Development

Users make sales and development efforts in order to reach a higher company value at the end of the simulation.

Financial Skills

Enhance your analytical and accounting skills while also boosting your Financial Planning abilities.

Change Management

Users need to revise their strategy according to internal and external events that affect the business.

Leadership Skills

Users will have to enhance interpersonal skills to manage people and take decisive actions for the business.

Strategic Thinking

Users need to see the complexity of the corporate world, and make strategic decisions in each simulation round.



Let's Work Together

Corporate partnership

We offer organisations the opportunity to use their resources and know-how to integrate the EDUardo platform into their service portfolio and benefit from the proceeds.

Student ambassador

We strive to help students engage with their community and gain real-world experience while also helping us increase our visibility.